Is Fall the Right Time to Replace Your Furnace?

Your heater is an integral part of your home, which is especially important to have in good
working order this fall and winter. While maintaining your home heating unit, you may wonder
whether or not this fall is the perfect time to replace the unit. In the guide below, you’ll learn
the different factors that contribute to replacing your heater.


The Efficiency of Your Heating Unit:
One of the most significant factors that will indicate whether or not you need to replace your
heater is how efficient your current heating unit is. For example, does it turn on quickly? Have
you seen an increase in your monthly energy bills? How long does it take to warm your home?
If you notice that your heater takes a long time to start working, your energy bills are slowly
increasing, and your home always feels cold in the fall and winter, it may finally be time to
update or replace your heater. When purchasing a new unit, you should consider looking for
one that is Energy-Star certified, which can help you keep energy costs down and make
warming up your home a lot more efficient. At Max C. Smith Company, we have over 100 years
of experience in this industry and would be happy to help guide you through the process of
purchasing a new furnace when the time comes.


Number of Repairs You’ve Made on the System

Another crucial factor that you should account for when replacing your heating unit is the number of times you’ve already repaired your current system. Although you can keep on fixing the heating system in your home, eventually you’re going to need to replace the system entirely. Plus, you might actually end up saving money by replacing your heater! The amount of money you can get back from rebates and incentives from a new heating system can be far more significant than the experience you’ll get back from repeatedly repairing your system. Although it may seem like a substantial investment, you’ll save so much more money replacing your heating system with a brand-new unit instead of trying to get your current system to last longer.

Age of the Heating Unit
Unfortunately, your heating system isn’t going to last forever; you’ll eventually need to replace
your unit with a brand new one. To determine whether or not you need to replace your unit,
you should consider the age of your heating unit. If your current unit is older than 15 years, you
are going to need to replace it, since most heaters don’t last longer than that. However, if it’s
younger than 15 years, you can live with just repairing it, you won’t need to replace your unit

just yet. If you’re planning on selling your home soon and your heating unit is nearing the end
of its life cycle, it’s worth planning an upgrade.


The Best Season for Replacing Your Heater
Not every season is the best time for heater maintenance, repairs, or replacement. For
example, you don’t want to replace your heater in the winter and be without heat for days.
Instead, the best season for replacing your heater is in the fall or spring. Although it’s cooler in
the fall and spring, you won’t be depending on your heater day-to-day like the winter months.
There are many reasons why you should consider replacing your heater this year, particularly
this fall or spring, from the efficiency of your unit to the age of your entire system. Although a
brand-new heating system can be an expensive process to purchase and get installed, if your
heater isn’t efficient and is apparently breaking down, now has never been a better time to
replace your current heater. Hopefully, by following this guide, you can get a good idea if your
heater should be replaced during the fall, or if it can last for a more extended amount of time
thanks to routine maintenance and repairs. Contact Max C. Smith Company today to help you
determine if your furnace is in need of a repair or replacement. We offer precision fall tune-ups
which help to keep your furnace working throughout the upcoming winter months.

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