Heating and Air Conditioning

24 Hour Emergency Service - Cooling, Heating, and Cleaning the Air You Breathe

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Heating and Cooling Services

We Repair All Makes and Brands:

  • Furnaces

  • Air Conditioners

  • Heat Pumps                                                   

  • Boilers

  • Water Heaters

  • Duct Systems

  • Ductless Systems (Mitsubishi & others)    

Heating and Cooling Annual Maintenance

Annual Checkups or Tune-ups to your system keep your units running at their designed efficiencies, prevents premature part failures, and maximize the life of your investment.

At Max C Smith, we offer a Preferred Maintenance Agreement (PMA) program. Members of this prepaid annual maintenance program will receive an A/C check in the Spring/Summer and a furnace check in the Fall/Winter. If you are interested, please give us a call anytime, and we will happily provide more information.

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HVAC Replacements and New Installations in the North Hills

Our friendly and trained comfort consultants will come to your location to assess your old system. They are trained to assess all brands and models and will help you make the best choice for your circumstances. Our objective is to present you with the options available, so that you can then make an informed decision.

Our installation crews are courteous, clean, factory trained and always work in a neat and professional manner. Our goal is keep it simple and do it right.

Factors to consider

  • Age - new technology is far more efficient. A new heating and cooling system could mean big savings over old units

  • Warranty - is your old system out of warrantee? Perhaps you benefit from a new system with a warranty

  • Service History - A well maintained heating and cooling system will last years longer than one neglected. How has you maintenance been?

  • Equipment Efficiency - If your heating and cooling system has been overloaded, then just like any machine, it will wear out faster and burn more energy. Installing the most efficient system will simply save money in the long run.

  • Parts Availability - Like an old car. If you can’t find the parts, you can’t fix the problem. Maybe it’s time for a new model.