Why a Precision Fall Tune-Up is Important For Your Furnace?

Your furnace is an incredibly important appliance in your home, especially during the Fall and Winter season. To properly care for your home’s furnace, it’s important you call Max C. Smith Company to have us perform a Fall tune-up ensuring it is functional and doesn’t require any repairs. However, if you’re still not convinced, here are a few reasons why a Fall tune-up is essential for your home’s furnace.


Keeps You Safe All Year Round

Furnaces work by burning fuel to create heat warming your home. This combustion process needs to be precise to ensure it runs safely. A single issue in your furnace can cause dangerous problems, such as raised carbon monoxide levels and gas leaks. To keep your family safe and ensure your furnace works properly, get a Fall tune-up.

Ensures the Furnace Works Well

The best way to ensure your furnace is functioning well in your home is to get a Fall tune-up. Not only can this help your furnace run more efficiently, but this can also prevent serious harm to yourself or your family while it’s running. A lot can go wrong with your home’s furnace, which is why it’s so essential you hire Max C. Smith to tune it up and make any necessary repairs when needed. 


Prevents Expensive Winter Repairs

The last thing you want to deal with in the middle of Winter is a faulty furnace in your home. You’d be surprised how many people deal with common heating complications that could have been easily avoided if they regularly maintained their appliance. Fortunately, you can prevent necessary winter repairs, as well as major costly maintenance, by just booking a quick tune-up appointment with Max C. Smith Company. It’s far easier for one of our technicians to repair your furnace in the warmer weather, compared to a home without any heat. Not to mention, it will be cheaper now, compared to during the holiday season.

Precision Furnace Tune-ups:​

  • Ensure optimal and efficient operation of equipment

  • Extend the life of equipment by preventing excessive wear and tear

  • Lower long-term operating costs by maximizing efficiency

  • Keep manufacturers’ warranties in effect

At Max C. Smith Company our Precision Furnace Tune-up/Fall Maintenance Checklist Includes:

  • Clean the burner and flame sensor

  • Check the combustion chamber/heat exchanger condition

  • Check all electrical connections

  • Clean the pilot/ignitor assembly and check operation

  • Clean the condensate trap and drain

  • Test high limit shut-offs

  • Check gas pressures

  • Check for carbon monoxide (CO) and gas leaks

  • Check and change filter if needed

  • Cycle unit to ensure proper operation

A Fall furnace tune-up is incredibly important to you, your family, and your home. Although having Max C. Smith Company inspect your furnace every year may seem like a needless expense, you’d be surprised how crucial it is.  By getting a Fall tune-up this year, you can ensure you can keep your home and family safe. By following this guide, we hope that you have a better understanding for why you need to get a tune-up for your home’s furnace this year. Contact Max C. Smith Company today to schedule a tune-up for your furnace.

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